Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most asked questions

Questions about booking

"I signed up but haven't received a confirmation."

If you haven't received a confirmation email after booking, something has gone wrong.

If you filled in the registration with your smartphone, please try with another device (PC / laptop) or another browser. Thank you.

Please do the last step of the registration and click "Complete booking".

Questions about payment

Please refrain from direct inquiries as to whether we have received your payment. We do not check incoming payments on a daily basis. If the status of your booking has not been changed after 10 working days, please notify us. Thank you for your understanding.

Questions about the process

The kids stay over in a hotel nearby the rink.

The costs for overnight accomodation include 4 nights (Monday –Thursday), full board, 24 h supervision, and shuttle to the camp. Normally 3 - 4 kids stay together in a room. If you have any special wishes regarding the accommodations please note that with your booking.

Usually the day of arrival is the fist camp day (Monday). If you wish to arrive a day earlier (Sunday) this is also possible since our supervisors are present from Sunday night as well. The costs for an extra night as well as dinner on Sunday night are not included in the costs for overnight accomodation. Please contact us if you want to book accommodation on Sunday as well.

Questions about the waiting list

Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to estimate how many children can move up to a camp. The chance of moving up increases significantly with your flexibility and willingness to step in at short notice. We keep our fingers crossed for everyone waiting to inform you immediately if there is a possibility to move up.


Our hobby camp is aimed at adult hobby players from beginners to ambitious amateur athletes. Everyone is welcome who is having fun and is motivated to work on their ice hockey skills.

Cabin helper

"I would like to help!" - Write us an email at

We are looking for people who can help in the dressing rooms, but also want to lend a hand throughout the day. Location Regensburg and Oberstdorf.